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Ethiopia is officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Situated   at the Northern east of Africa, an area of 1,112,000 square kilometers. Ethiopia Shares its boundaries with Eritrea North and North east, Djibouti Easter part, Somalia south east and south, Kenya south and Sudan in the western side.

The capital of Ethiopia is Addis Ababa founded in 1886 by Empress Taytu  as Addis Ababa, currently Addis Ababa is  known as the capital of Africa by hosting many international organization headquarters, UN for Africa (ECA), the AU (African union) and other Diplomatic mission for Africa.


The Ethiopian currency is called Birr and is issued by the National Bank of Ethiopia. One Birr is made up of 100 cents. The Bank notes are in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 50, and 100 Birr and the coins are in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 25 ,  50 and 1 Birr  cents. Visitors may import unlimited foreign currency. Foreign currency can be changed at banks and hotels and the receipts for all exchange transactions must be retained as this may be required by Customs on departure. Visitors may change back any leftover Ethiopian Birr to their chosen foreign currency at the airport before departure and must provide the declaration form with all receipts for exchange transactions. Please note that the exchange rate fluctuates from day to day.  Banks are open from 8 AM (2 o'clock local time) to 5:30 PM (11:30 o'clock local time). Some banks close for lunch between 1 PM (7 o'clock local time) and 2 PM (8 o'clock local time).

Money Transfer and Courier Services  

Money transfers can be made through Western Union and Money Gram. Both have representative branches in Addis Ababa and outside in some of the major towns and make their services available from private and national Banks. For courier services, DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, and EMS have offices in Addis Ababa.

Time and Calendar

Ethiopia is in GMT +3 hours’ time Zone, and follows the unique Julian calendar which is seven years and eight months behind the Gorgonian calendar, consists of thirteen month, the twelve months consists of 30 days each and the last (13th Month) will have 5 or 6 days during leap year, The New Year fall on the 11th of September.

Addis Ababa has two 5 stat hotels- the Hilton Addis and the Sheraton Addis  (Luxury collection) and a growing number of tourist class hotels. Standards vary outside the capital, but apart from some remote areas where camping is unavoidable it is generally possible to get relatively clean rooms with en suite toilet and shower.

Telephone, Tele fax, Internet, e-mail and postal facilities are available in the country. Internet services are available in major cities and towns. The international dialing code for Ethiopia is +251.
Customs: Duty-free import are permitted for up to: 200 cigarettes, or 50 cigars or 1/2 lb of tobacco
1 liter of alcoholic beverages1/2 liter, or two bottles of  perfumes Visitors may export souvenirs with a value not exceeding Birr 500, although some articles (such as animal skins and antiques) require an export permit.

Ethiopian Seasons

  • Summer (Kiremt or Meher ) June, July and August are the summer season. Heavy rain falls in these three months.
  • Spring (Tseday ) September, October and November are the spring season sometime known as the harvest season.
  • Bega (winter) - December, January and February are the dry season with frost in morning especially in January.
  • Belg (Autumn) - March, April and May are the autumn season with occasional showers. May is the hottest month in Ethiopia.


Warm clothing is essential throughout the year in the highland regions. You may wish to bring light cotton clothing for use in the hot areas in the country. A hat and sunglasses are  must!!


Amharic is the official language, but there are more than 80 other local languages which is dialectic to some 200. English and Arabic are wildly used and also Italian and French are spoken.


A large number of religions are traditionally practiced in Ethiopia, the most numerous today being Orthodox Christianity, followed by Islam. Protestant Christian and Traditional beliefs, usually categorized as Animism, attract a decreasing number of followers.


Visas are required for all visitors, however; Nationals of the 36 countries, Listed Here Below are given visa on arrival at Bole international Air Port. 

1. Argentina
2. Australia
3. Argentina 
4. Australia
5. Austria  
6. Belgium 
7. Brazil
8. Canada   
9. China 
10. Check Republic
11. Denmark             

10. Finland      
11. France                   
12. Germany  
13. Greece  
14. India                    
15. Ireland                
16. Israel               
17. Italy      
18. Japan       


19. Kore Republic               
20. Kuwait                    
21. Luxembourg                       
22  Mexico                                     
23. Netherlands                            
24. NewZealand                      
25. Norway                                
26. Poland
27. Portugal      


28. Russian Federation  
29. Slovakia                          
30. South Africa                         
31. North Korea                   
32. Spain                      
33. Sweden              
34. Switzerland            
35. United Kingdom
36. U.S.A 


Entry Points

Travelers using rail ways Dewele on the Djibouti border is the only point of entry to Ethiopia and those driving to Ethiopia via surface, Moyale (in Kenya), Humera and Metema (in Sudan), and again Galafi in Djibouti are the available means of entries. All arrivals undergo full customs and immigration checks. For the major part of travelers accessing via flight, the Bole International Airport is the only terminal available in the Capital Addis Ababa though there are other domestic airports and airstrips serving domestic needs.

When to come to  Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s climate is typically very mild, with temperatures on the wide-ranging highlands averaging below 20°C. Only on the lowland fringes of western, eastern and southern Ethiopia can temperatures soar past 30°C.

The heaviest rains traditionally fall June to early October, making the rest of the year prime time to visit. Directly after the rains the highlands are wonderfully green, covered with wildflowers and sublime for trekking .

Business hours

Banks, post offices and telecommunications offices are open at least 8.30am to 11am and 1.30pm to 3.30pm weekdays and 8.30am to 11am Saturday. Government offices’ hours are 8.30am to 12.30pm (to 11.30am Friday) and 1.30pm to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Shop hours are 8.30am to 1.30pm and 2.30pm to 5.30pm weekdays.

  • 6 days
  • 6 days/dinsho
  • 8 days
  • 9 days/dinsho
  • 9 days/dodola
  • 14 days
  • 21 days
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Trekking in Bale Mountains National Park "The Land of Endemism"

6 Days and 5 Nights Trekking in Bale Mountain National Park

Tour code: My.T.T  009
Package Title: Trekking in Bale MNP
Duration: 6 days and 5 nights
Transport: Surface

Day 1: Arrival at Bole International Airport
Arrival in Addis, be greeted and meet at the airport by Myseru Tour and Travel representative, transferred to your hotel. Following some refreshment start your tour from sightseeing of Addis Ababa. The city tour of Addis on the first day is always depends on arrival time. Overnight Hotel in Addis.

Day 2: Drive Addis – Dodola
Drive to Dodola (5 hours), register with the Bale Mountain Guide Association and drive to Changetti Camp (2900m). Overnight camping at to Changetti

Day 3: Trek Cahngetti – Wahhoro
Trek from Changetti Camp to Wahoro Camp (3300m). This 3-4 hour hike gradually climbs into the afro-Mooreland of the Bale Mountains. Overnight camping at Wahoro

Day 4: Trek Wahoro – Angafo
Trek from Wahoro Camp to Angafu Camp (3460m). This 4-5 hours hike passes through highland meadows and below rocky peaks of the Bale Mountains. The views are excellent and chances to see the endemic Mountain Nyala. Overnight camping.

Day 5: Trek Angafo- Adele
Trek from Angafu Camp to Adele (3300m). This 1-2 hours trek provides visitors with plenty of downtime to explore surrounding peaks and waterfalls. Overnight camping.

Day 6: Trek and drive back to Addis
Trek from Angafu Camp back to Changeti Camp (2900m). This 4-5 hour trek will complete the circuit and Drive back to Addis Ababa in the evening.Top of Form Bottom of Form

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Trekking in Bale Mountains National Park "The Land of Endemism"

6 Days and 5 Nights Trekking in Bale Mountain National park

Tour code: My.T.T  008
Package Title: Omo Valley Tour
Duration: 6 days and 5 nights
Transport: Surface

Day 1: Arrive Addis Ababa
Arrival in Addis, be greeted and meet at the airport by Myseru Tour and Travel representative, transferred to your hotel. Following some refreshment start your tour from sightseeing of Addis Ababa. The city tour of Addis on the first day is always depends on arrival. Overnight hotel-Addis Ababa.

Day 2: Addis-Ethiopian Rift Valley - Dinsho
After breakfast drive through Ethiopian Great Rift Valley and the spectacular mountain scenery and the Muslim-Oromo culture to Dinsho - the headquarters of Bale Mountain National park. The rest of the day walks around the National Park to see the endemic mammals and birds. Overnight Lodge or Camping.

Day 3: Dinsho - Geysay Valley - Dinsho
Trek to Geysay Valley through the dramatic highland scenery enroot spotting to various species of afro alpine vegetation which covers a vast area from one mountain to the other. En this route you will also spot some endemic birds and mammals. Overnight: Lodge or Camping.

Day 4: Dinsho –Sentie Platue-Goba
Drive from Disnho to Senetie Platue, one of the highest pick the national park. The rest of the day trek around Senetie to discover the Ethiopian Wolf. Later in the afternoon, drive to Goba for an overnight stay. Overnight hotel- in Bale Goba.

Day 5: Goba-Wendogenet
In the morning, drive to Wondogent. The rest of the day has a relaxing trek in the mountain covered by natural forest. Overnight: hotel-Wendogenet.

Day 6: Wendogenet-Addis Ababa
After breakfast drive back to Addis Ababa. In the afternoon Shopping and leisure time and Departure.

Trekking in Bale Mountains National Park "The Land of Endemism"

8 Days and 7 Nights Bale Mountains NP & Sof Omar Cave

Tour code: My.T.T  007
Package Title: Trekking in Bale MNP & Sof Omar Cave
Duration: 8 days and 7 nights
Transport: Surface

Day 1: Drive Addis – Dinsho
Morning after breakfast in the hotel drive to south of Addis Ababa to Dinsho, where the headquarters of the Bale Mountains National Park is located. En route explore the landscape and culture of the Oromo Tribe. Overnight Camping at Dinsho.

Day 2: Dinsho - Mararo
 Leave from Dinsho through the Web Valley toward Fincha- Abera Waterfall, located where the Web and Wolla Rivers meet. Overnight Camping at Mararo.

Day 03: Trek Mararo- Gabra Guracha
Continue trekking, following the Wasema River through the valley. On the way, stop and visit a local mineral spring. Afterwards, continue to the campsite beneath the peak of Mt. Batu. Overnight Camping

Day 04: Trek to Sanetti plateau- Gabra Guracha
Begin the ascent to the Sanetti Plateau, climbing Mt. Batu on the way. Continue to the Tegona Valley for the Gabra Guracha Lake. Overnight Gabra Guracha.

Day 5: Sanetti Plateu the world’s largest expanse of Afro alpine moorland.
Today you will explore the Sanetti Plateau, the place cited as the world’s largest expanse of Afro alpine moorland , a montane habitat confined to altitude of 3,500m to 4,500 on east Africa’s tallest Mountains . You will also visit the Crane Lakes. A final ascent will be made to the top of Tullu Deemtu Mountain, the place offering spectacular views of the surrounding areas. In the afternoon, you will be met by your vehicle and taken to Goba for overnight stay. Overnight Hotel in Goba

Day 06: Goba – Sof Omar Cave
Early in the morning, depart from Goba to the Sof Omar cave to explore the largest natural Cave in Africa lies 100km east of the Bale range at an elevation of 1,300m . Afterwards, continue driving to Dinsho. Overnight Dinsho

Day 07: Dinsho – Abyta –shalla – Addis
Today morning after breakfast en route to back to Addis visit the deepest Shalla Lake which is (260 meters deep) and Abiyata –Shalla Lakes National Park and Flamingos at Lake Abiyata. In the afternoon arrive in Addis in the afternoon, Have rest and shopping . Evening farewell dinner will served by Myseru Tour and Travel representative at traditional Restaurant with traditional dance then transfer to Bole international airport for departure.

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Trekking in Bale Mountains National Park "The Land of Endemism"

9 Days and 8 Nights Trekking in Bale Mountain 

Tour code: My.T.T  005 
Package Title: trekking in Bale MNP
Duration: 9 days and 8 nights
Transport: Surface

Day 1: Arrive Addis Ababa
A transfer from Bole International Airport to hotel, if arrival time is in early hours, the tour starts with the beautiful city tour of Addis. Overnight hotel -Addis Ababa.

Day 2: Drive from Addis-Ethiopian Rift Valley – Dinsho
Morning after breakfast drive through Ethiopian Great Rift Valleys en-route explore the beautiful Rift Valley Lakes and the spectacular mountain scenery of Ethiopia and its landscape. Overnight Camping at Dinsho Lodge.

Day 3: Dinsho - Geysay Valley – Dinsho (3250m)
Trekking time: 5-6 hrs Morning, Breakfast then start trekking to Geysay Valley, to the northerly extension of the park. Here, while trekking in the indigenous forest, it's possible to spot the endemic Minilik Bush Buck and Mountain Nyala and other mammals including the endemic Ethiopian Wolf. Overnight: Camping at Dinsho Lodge.

Day 4: Dinsho – Weib Valleys-Fincha Abera
Trekking time: ~6 hrs Trek and pass through the lovely Weib Valley and the finally reach at the beautiful waterfall of Finch'abera. Overnight: Camping

Day 5: Fincha ábera-Merero-Wasmea
Trekking time: 8 hrs trek beneath the peaks of Merero; see and taste the strange mineral springs before making the steep ascent out of the head of the Valley onto the Sanette Plateau. Overnight: Camping

Day 6: Wasama Valley - Batu - Garba Guracha Lake
Trekking time: 9 hrs Climb Batu (4203 m), and then trek on across the arms of the Batu horseshoe, to camp beside lovely Garba Guracha Lake-set beneath towering cliffs in the head of the Tegona Valley. Overnight: Camping at Garba Guracha.

Day 7: Garba Guracha-Konthe – Goba
Trek across the Plateau enjoying the stunning highland scenery full of small lakes and the reach at the pick of Konthe (4100m) for 3 hrs. Meet Veichles at Konthe and drive to Goba. Overnight: Wabe Shebelle Hotel.

Day 8: Goba - Wendogenet
In the morning, drive to Wondogent. The rest of the day has a relaxing trek in the mountain covered by natural forest. Overnight: Hotel-Wendo Genet.

Day 9: Wendogenet-Addis Ababa
after breakfast drive back to Addis Ababa. The rest of the day, shopping and /or City tour.Departure.

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Trekking in Bale Mountains National Park "The Land of Endemism"

9 Days / 8 Nights Trekking in Bale Mountain 

Tour code: My.T.T  006 
Package Title: Trekking in Bale MNP  
Duration: 9 days and 8 nights
Transport: Surface

Arrival in Addis, be greeted and meet at the airport by Myseru Tour and Travel representative, transferred to your hotel. Following some refreshment start your tour from sightseeing of Addis Ababa. The city tour of Addis on the first day is always depends on arrival time. Overnight Hotel in Addis.

Drive to Hawassa through the Rift valley lakes; visit Lake Ziway to spot so many aquatic birds. Overnight Hotel in Hawassa

Adrive from Hawassa to Dodola then to changetti. Overnight Camping

Starts trekking from Changetti to Waharo 4-5 hrs. Overnight Camping at Changetti.

Trekking to Angafu. 5 -6 hrs. Overnight camping

Trekking continues to another campsite called Mololicho 6 - 7 hrs. Overnight camping

Trekking to Duro 5 - 6 hrs. Overnight camping.

1 hr and 30 minutes horse trek from Duro to Bucha Raya forest edge. Meet your vehicles and drive to Wondogenet. Overnight Hotel.

Drive to Addis Ababa. Fly home.

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Trekking in Bale Mountains National Park "The Land of Endemism"

14 Days and 13 Nights Trekking in Bale Mountain National Park & Omo valley

Tour code: My.T.T  0010
Package Title: Trekking in Bale MNP & Omo valley
Duration: 14 days and 13 nights
Transport: Surface

Meet and greet service will be served by Myseru Tour and Travel at Bole international Airport , if your arrival time is morning , asfter refreshment transfer to Wendo Genet .en route to wondo Genet you have the chance to explore the Ethiopia Great rift Valley Lakes and Crater lakes. Overnight Wendogent – Hotel.

Morning after breakfast service in the hotel drive to the Bale Mt. National Park, traveling thorough the southeast part of the capital to Dinsho, where the Park’s head quarter. Around the head quarter spot so many bird and wild animals including an endemic Menelik's Bushbuck, and Mountain Nyala. Overnight Dinsho / Lodge

The entire day visit around Dinsho and Geysay Valley. In time hike to see three of the endemic mammals: Menelik's Bushbuck, Mountain Nyala and Ethiopian wolf. The rest of the day arranges the trekking staff. Overnight Dinsho Lodge

Make an excursion tip to Senatte Plateau through the Afro alpine vegetation. Ascend the peak of the Senate. Throw your sight to spot an endemic Semen Fox. Back to Dinsho. Overnight Camp/Lodge Dinsho

Drive to Hawassa- regional capital city for Southern Nations and Nationalities People Region; for an overnight stay. Overnight Hotel in Hawassa.

Walk around the fish market located at the shore of Lake Awassa and spot different bird species like Pelicans, Hamerkob, Ibises …drive to Arba Minch. Overnight Hotel in Arba Minch

Drive to the mountain village of Chencha, home for Dorze tribes-renowned weavers. In the afternoon boat trip on Lake Chamo to visit Crocodile market and Hippo farm.

Drive to Turmi. On the way Konso, Tsemay, Weito and Erbore tribes. Visit Hamer tribes who are famous by their Bull jumping ceremony and Evangadi dance. Overnight Lodge/Camping.

Karo tribes and Turmi Hamer tribes market. Overnight Camping.

Drive to Jinka via Dimeka Tue/Sat market for Hamer tribes, and Key Afer-Thu market for Bena and Tsemay tribes. Overnight Hotel/Camping

A.m. Visit the clay lip plated Mursi tribes, P.M. Jinka and visit Jinka Ethnographic Museum. Overnight Hotel/Camping

Drive to Arba Minch. Weito, Tsemay village, Konso’s King’s Village. Overnight Hotel

Drive to Awassa via Welaita and Alaba. O/vernight Hotel

Back to Addis Ababa. On the way, Lake Zeway and Crater Lakes. Up on arrival, Addis Ababa leisure time / Shopping.

Trekking in Bale Mountains National Park "The Land of Endemism"

21 Days and 20 Nights Bale Mountains and Rift valley Lakes, Sof Omar Cave ,Awash National Park, Harar , Dre Dawa

Tour code: My.T.T  0011
Package Title: Bale MNP, Rift Valley Lakes, Awash NP…
Duration: 21 days and 20 nights
Transport: Surface

Day 1: Arrival in Addis Ababa
Meet and Greet service will be served by Myseru Tour and Travel representative at Bole international Airport. Then transfer from Airport to your hotel. Overnight hotel in Addis Ababa

Day2: Drive from Addis Ababa – Great Rift Valley Lakes – Hawassa
Your tour begins with the dramatic Ethiopian Great Rift Valley lakes. Morning drive from Addis Ababa to Hawassa ( Awasa 275km ). Before arrive at Hawassa You will explore the Rift Valley Lakes , Lake Ziway after 160 km from the capital you will meet Lake Ziway also known as Lake Dembal ( 430km square ) , Lake Langano 305 km2 and depth of up to 45m, hot springs nearby Lake Shalla( the deepest lake in Ethiopia – 266m deep), & innumerable pink flamingos on Lake Abijata. After 70km drive from Shashemene, visit the Senkele wild Life Sanctuary where you can visit one of endemic Swayne’s hartebeest and drive to Hawassa for overnight and dinner. Overnight – hotel in Awassa/ Hawassa

Day3: Visit Awassa - Dinsho (182km from Awassa/ Hawassa)
Morning after breakfast in the hotel, start your day with exploring the lakeside city of Awassa situated of 1, 685m in the Rift Valley 275 km south of Addis Ababa .Following tour of Hawassa drive from Hawassa to Dinsho (a place where the Head Quarter office & ticket office of Bale Mountains National Park is). After having tickets for the Bale Mountains National park, trek into the Dinsho Forest for Mountain Nyala, Menelik’s Bushbuck,… the forest itself- the Juniper Hagenia woodland & and birds: Blue-winged goose, Spot-breasted lapwing, Abyssinian long claw, Wattled ibis, Black-headed siskin, Rouget’s rail, .. Overnight – Dinsho Lodge – Dinsho

Day4: Gaysay valley – Dinsho

Trek from Dinsho to Gayssaye Valley for Mountain Nyala herds & trek back to Dinsho. Overnight – Dinsho Lodge – Dinsho

Day5: Dinsho – Sodota

The sheer scale of the Bale Mountains is breathtaking. Trek from Dinsho to Sodota (trek could be 5-6 hrs) through the lush highland vegetation & finch’s Abera Waterfall to the first campsite, Mararo. The air here is clean and crisp and the scenery utterly stunning. On the way, it is most probable to see a number of birds like Wattled ibis, Rouget’s rail, black-winged lovebird, thick-billed raven, white-collared pigeon, Abyssinian long claw, Abyssinian catbird, white-backed black tit, black-headed forest oriole, black kite, augur-buzzard and lammergeyer….O/n Sodota camp site

Day6: Trek Sodota –Morobawa
Trek from Sodota & climb Mount Morobawa (3843m). Overnight - tented camp – Morobawa camp site

Day7: Trek Morobawa - Keyrensa Valley
Trek towards Keyrensa Valley, seeing wolves hunting for mole rats, before climbing over a lava flow, where you may see Rock Hyrax. The Keyrensa Valley divides two of the lava flows. Here, view, isolation & wildlife are so special- Overnight – Tented Camp- Keyrensa Valley

Day8: Keyrensa – Rafu Valley
Trek from Keyrensa to Rafu. Discover the eroded rock pinnacles of the lava flows at Rafu. Overnight – Tented camp – Raftu Valley.

Day9: Raftu – Sanetti Plateau
Trek from Rafu to Sanetti Plateau. Sanetti - in Oromo Tribes language stands for “where the strong winds blow.” This is more real at mount Tulu Deemtu (also Demtu) summit (4,377m). The Afro Alpine ecosystem on the top of Tulu Deemtu is magnificent! The view over the escarpment, extending to the lowlands & stretching towards the Kenyan Border is spectacular, especially during dry season (November – March.) Overnight – Tented camp – Sanetti Camp Site

Day10: Sanetti Plateau – Gabra Guracha
Trek from Sanetti to Gabra Guracha stands for “Black Lake” in Oromo language. Yes Again, the view over Lake Gabra Guracha & beyond the lowlands is worth visiting! Overnight –Tented camp – Gabra Guracha camp site

Day11: Gabra Guracha – Worgona Valley
Trek from Gabra Guracha to Worgona valley. Overnight – tented camp – Worgona Camp Site

Day12: Gorgona – Dinsho
Trek back from Gabra Guracha to Dinsho. Overnight – Dinsho lodge

Day13: Visit Sof Omar
Morning, with lunch box & drive to Robe then to Goro- Sof Omar for full day visit. Overnight – at Goba Shebelle Hotel – Bale Goba

Day14: Dinsho – Awash National Park
Drive from Bale Goba to Awash national Park via Assela Town – Adama/Nazreth. On the way near Awash Park, bird watching on Lake Beseka. Overnight – at Awash falls Lodge – in the Park or hotel – Town Awash Sebath

Day15: Awash National park
Looking for wildlife in Oryx Field (Beisa Oryx is 100% Guaranteed) , dik-dik, lion/Rare, cheetah/rare, waterbuck, kudu, monkeys & birds like bustard, secretary bird & Hot spring water at Fentalé. Overnight – at Awash falls Lodge – in the Park

Day16: Visit Babile Elephant sanctuary
Morning rediscover the Oryx and drive to Harar. Lunch in Harar and proceed to Babile, visit the unique Dakatta Rock formation (on Babile – Jijiga Road) and drive to Babile elephant sanctuary. Looking for elephants. Overnight – Tented camp - Babile Elephant Sanctuary

Day17: Babile Elephant Sanctuary
Looking for wildlife (elephants) for full day. Overnight – Tented camp - Babile Elephant Sanctuary

Day18: Harar - City Tour
Explore the sanctuary in the morning and drive back to Harar. Afternoon; visit the walled city of Harar (4th Muslim holy city after: Jerusalem, Mecca & Medina). Your Harar visit includes: the Rimbaud House, Harari tribes house, Palace of Ras Mekonnen (father of Emperor Haile SellassieI), Museum and the hyena man show (evening). Overnight – at Heritage Plaza Hotel or similar – Harar

Day19: Harar – Dire Dawa
Drive from Harar to Dire Dawa. On the way, visit Lega Oda paints on rocks (7000 years before!). Lega Oda is located on the way to Dire Dawa (51km from Harar). Afternoon, the city of Dire Dawa: the market (often dominated by rural Oromo & Afar Tribes), the Ethio –Djibouti Rail Way Station. Overnight – Hotel – Dire Dawa

Day20: Drive Dre Dawa - Addis
Fly from Dire Dawa to Addis and fly back home (end of the trip)

Day21: City tour of Addis- Leisure time –Departure
Today you will have leisure time / shopping and Farwell dinner INVITED by Myseru Tour AND in one of the famed Ethiopian traditional Restaurant with cultural dance and transfer to Bole international Airport for Departure.

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Itenaries Package Tour