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Friday, 11 January 2013 10:06

Different People`s Day Festivals

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Southern People’s Festival at Arbaminch 

Duration: 7 - 14 days
Package Title: Meskel Festival at Addis and the main Historic routes 
Tour code: My.T.T 107
Transport: Surface

Every year in mid December something extraordinary takes place in the stunning lakeside town of Arba Minch in Southern Ethiopia , the 1000 Stars Festival is a vibrant and colorful celebration of cultural diversity. It's a unique opportunity to experience, first hand, the varied culture and music of an exceptional part of our world.

This unique Festival has quickly become one of Africa's most renowned celebrations of cultural diversity.

Ethiopian “People’s Day” Festival

Dec. 9th is a special day for all Ethiopians; a day in which people representing each ethnic group in the country gather in a chosen host city to celebrate an annual event ‘The People’s Day’. Various cultural shows, photographic exhibitions and a day long musical concert will be performed by each ethnic group.

There are also trade fairs and bazaars where indigenous products such as coffee, cultural ornament etc. are displayed. Besides celebrating our diversity, the event brings about cultural exchanges among the various people groups.

An interesting part of the event is seeing the different ethnic and tribal groups each wearing its traditional costumes. Especially the lower Omo tribes decorate in a white bark belt and leather strap, ornament with notches, a short skin garment, and paint their bodies with artful designs adorned with jewelries made of bone and all sorts of metals.     Book / Customize

Friday, 11 January 2013 10:05

Hadar Zion

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 Hidar Zion, St. Mary of Tsion (Zion) Celebration in Axum

The 16th Century Cathedral of St. Mary of Zion was probably built on an earlier 4th century church, and is the holiest church in Ethiopia. In its sanctuary is said to lest the original Ark of the Covenant and the belief that the Ark itself is a symbolism to Her Womb. It is celebrated on November 30 and attended by tens of thousands of religious people from all over Ethiopia, making it one of the most Joyous annual pilgrimages in Axum, the "Sacred City of the Ethiopians". 

Note: - Upon request the  tour programs can be modified, differently rearranged, combined with other itineraries and shorten or extended to suit your interest, time, and budget. Please contact us for further details. 

Duration: 7 - 14 days
Package Title: Hidar Zion – Axum 
Tour code: My.T.T 107
Transport: Surface

Day 01: Arrival, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Overnight HOTEL – Addis Ababa
Day 02: Fly Addis – Axum sightseeing in Axum and explore the eve of the holyday. Overnight Hotel Axum
Day 03: Axum – Celebration of St. Mary Overnight Hotel Axum
Day 04: Fly from Axum to Lalibela to discover the 11 rock hewn church of Lalibela. Overnight Hotel - Lalibela
Day 05: Monasteries and other historical churches around Lalibela. Overnight Hotel - Lalibela
Day 06: Fly Lalibela  to Gondar , in the afternoon explore the castile compound of facileness , Church and other attractions. Overnight HOTEL – Gondar.
Day 07: Drive from Gondar to Bahir Dar Visit the island monasteries on Lake Tana and Blue Nile Falls. Overnight hotel – Bahir Dar.
Day 08: Fly  Bahir Dar – Addis City tour in Addis and departure.      Book / Customize

Friday, 11 January 2013 10:05

timeket /Epiphany

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Timket Ethiopian Epiphany January 19

The  greatest festival of the year falling on 19 January. It commemorates Christ's baptism by Saint John in the Jordan River. Best place to witness Ethiopian Epiphany festival: Gondar, Lalibela, Axum, Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar.

Celebrate Timket ( Ethiopian Epiphany ) in Addis

Duration: 3 - 10 days
Package Title: Celebrate Timket in Addis

Tour code: My.T.T 099
Transport: Surface

Celebrate Timket (Ethiopian Epiphany) in Gondar from January 15 - 27 

Duration: 14 days
Package Title: Celebrate Timket in Addis
Tour code: My.T.T 105
Transport: Surface

Day 01 (Jan 15): Arrival – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Arrivals at Bole international Air port Meet and Greet service will be  served  by Myseru tour managers and    be transferred to your hotel. City tour in Addis Ababa depends on the gust's arrival time, if the arrival time is in early hours there will city tour or it will be at the end of the tour.
Overnight - Hotel Addis Ababa.

Day 02 (Jan 16): Addis Ababa- Bahir Dar
Leave Addis Ababa and drive north passing by Mt. Entoto through the Sululta plain, visiting the monastery of Debre Libanos and the so-called Portuguese Bridge. Then, proceed to the spectacular scenery of the Blue Nile Gorge, where you stop for your picnic lunch and proceed to Bahar Dar.
Overnight - Hotel – Bahir Dar

Day 03 (Jan 17): Bahir Dar
After an early breakfast, drive to the mighty Blue Nile falls, commonly known as "Tiss Isat". Upon return, make a sightseeing tour of Bahar Dar. After lunch, you will have boat excursion on Lake Tana, to visit the ancient monasteries on the lake.
Overnight Hotel - Bahir Dar.

Day 04 (Jan 18): Bahir Dar – Gondar
Attend the beginning of the colorful Timket procession from one of the 44 churches and accompany the replica of the arc of the covenant to the famous King Fasil bath for Timket celebrations.
Overnight Hotel - Gondar

Day05 (Janx19): Gondar

Enjoy the colorful Timket festival where thousands of people gather at the center of Gondar wearing colorful chanting dresses and the people wearing traditional Gondar cloth as in the Afternoon enjoy some of the sight seeing  in Gondar with the dramatic celebration of the fest.
Overnight Hotel Gondar

Day 06(Jan 20): Gondar- Axum
After an early breakfast drive north of Gondar through the chains of the Semien Mountains and the Tekeze River Valley to the ancient town of Axum.
Overnight Hotel Axum

Day 07 (Jan 21): Axum
Have a full day city tour in Axum town. Here you will visit stale tombs, which is considered to be probably the oldest monolithic stand in the world, the church compound of St. Mary of Zion, which is the seat of the true Moose's Ark of the covenant, the Queen of Sheba's palace, King Kaleb's and Gebremeskel's palace and tombs, and Archeological Museum.
Overnight Hotel Axum

Day 08(Jan 22) Axum- Mekelle 
Leave Axum and drive to the 5th century BC sites of Yeha and Debre Damo monastery and proceed to Mekele.
 Overnight Hotel  Mekele

Day 09 (Jan 23): Mekelle – Lalibela 
After breakfast, leave Mekele and drive through Ambalage chains of mountains, and proceed to the 12th century legendary town of Lalibella. Overnight Hotel Lalibela

Day 10(Jan 24): Lalibela
 Visit of the monolithic rock-hew churches in Lalibella town, dating back to the 12th century and which is considered to be the 8th wonders of the world and have optional excursion to visit some of the rock hewn churches around Lalibella town built prior to the churches in the town. In addition to the architecture of the churches, here you will admire the panoramic view of the town with the surrounding beautiful sceneries.
Overnight hotel – Lalibela

Day11( Jan 25): Lalibela- Kombolcha 
Depart Lalibella town to Kombolcha. Visit Hike Istifanos monastery. Overnight Hotel – Kombolcha 

Day12 (Jan 26) Kombolcha - Addiss Ababa
Depart Kombolcha to Addis Ababa. Here you are cloth to the land occupied by the Afar shepherds, a semi-nomadic people who live mainly in the deserts of Denakil depression. You will encounter them on the road with their caravans of camels. Also in Senbete village, ifyour trip is on   Sunday, there is an interesting market where the Afar, Oromo and Amhara people congregate for marketing.
Overnight Hotel – Addis

Day 13 (Jan 27):  Leisure in Addis Simple City tour
Sightseeing tour in Addis and Shopping, At today evening welfare dinner party with national music and dancing, and transfer to Bole International Airport for your flight back home.

7- 14 Days/ Celebrate Timket (Ethiopian Epiphany) in Lalibela

Duration: 7 - 14 days
Package Title: Celebrate Timket in Lalibela

Tour code: My.T.T 105
Transport: Surface

Day 01: Jan 12 Arrival in Addis Ababa
Day 02: Jan 13 Addis Ababa - Bahir Dar.
Day 03: Jan 14 Bahir Dar - Gondar.
Day 04: Jan 15 Gondar - Axum
Day 05: Jan 16 Axum - Lalibella
Day 06: Jan 17 - Jan 19 attend Timket festival and visit rock hewn church in Lalibela
Day 07: Jan 20 Lalibela - Addis Ababa and departure.         Book / Customize

Friday, 11 January 2013 10:04

Christmas and historical route

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14 Days / 13 Nights Christmas celebration In Ethiopia with historical routes

Duration: 14 days and 13 nights
Package Title: Christ Mass and historical routes
Tour code: My.T.T  0097
Transport: Surface

Day 01:  December 28: Arrive Addis Ababa
Arrive in Addis Ababa (ADD), Ethiopia. Welcome to Ethiopia! Upon arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, you will be welcomed and assisted by your tour guide and driver for the transfer to Hotel. There will be a short drive to your hotel. Overnight: Jupiter Hotel-Addis Ababa.

Day 02: December 29: Addis Ababa- Bahirdar
In the morning, drive to Bahirdar through the Great Blue Nile Gorge with a stop over at different small towns like Dejen, Chancho and Goha Tsion. Overnight:  Hotel-Bahirdar.

Day 03: December 30: Lake Tana-Blue Nile Falls-Bahir Dar
After breakfast, we will make boat cruise over Lake Tana to visit the ancient 14th century island monasteries of Lake Tana. After having lunch at the hotel, we will drive 35 KM to visit the majestic Blue Nile Falls. Overnight: Hotel Bahirdar.

Day 04: December 31: Bahir Dar-Gondar
After breakfast, drive to Gondar through the beautiful countryside scenery to arrive at Gondar around lunchtime.

After check in to Goha Hotel and having lunch there, we will start tour of Gondar which include: the Royal Enclosure, the pool of King Fasilidas, and we will also visit the famous Deberberhan Sillassie adorned with brilliant frescos from inside. Overnight: Goha Hotel Gondar.

Day 05: January 1: Gondar-Simien Mountains National Park
After an early breakfast, we will drive to Simien Mountains National park. En-route we will be visiting the "Felasha" or the Black Jewish village.

Driving from Gondar up to Simien Mountains National Park, nothing prepares you for the spectacular scenery that awaits at the top of the massif. The rest of the day, trek around the park to explore the stunnining view and wildlife of  the park including Sankaber. Overnight: Simien Lodge-Sankaber.

Day 06: January 2: Simien Mountains National Park-Axum
After breakfast start driving to Axum through the beautiful sceneries of Semien Mountains, Limalimo, Tekeze River Gorge. Overnight: Hotel-Axum.

Day 07: January 3: Axum
After breakfast, we will start to visit the ancient city of Axum. Your  visit in Axum include: the Stele Square, Kaleba Tombs, the 4th century Christian inscription of King Ezana, Queen of Sheba's Palace, Archeological Museum, and Tsion Mariam Church where the original Ark of the Covenant is housed. Overnight: Hotel Axum.

Day 08: January 4: Axum-Hauzien
In the morning, drive to Hauzien, the center of some of the most ancient rock-hewn churches, through the stunning and historical mountains of Adwa. Overnight: Geralta Lodge-Hauzien.

Day 09: January 5: Hauzien-Mekele
In the morning, drive to Mekele en-route visit some of the most ancient Tigray rock-hewn churches including: Wikro Cherkos, Abrha We-atsbeha, Dugum Selassie and so on. Overnight: Axum Hotel-Mekele.

Day 10: January 6: Mekele-Lalibela-Celebration at Bete Emanuel
After breakfast, start driving north to Lalibela through Sekota en-route you will visit Yimrhane Kirstos and different villages of the Agwe tribal people.
 In the evening, we will drive to Bete Emanuel  to attend the special celebration of Emanuel with chanting and dancing by the priests and deacons. The ceremony will be accompined by a capacity crowd of piligrims who came to witness this event from far of hamlets and inaccessible valleys on their bare foot walking for weeks and even months. Overnight: Mountain View Hotel-Lalibela.

Day 11: January 7: Rock-hewn churches of Lalibela-Ethiopian Christmas Eve
In the morning, we will drive to the sites where we will find the concentration of some of the remarkable rock-hewn churches of Lalibela from 1200 AD.
At night, we will attend the Christmas Eve ceremony to be held at Bete Mariam church. This evening again, you will attend the Ethiopian Christmas Eve Ceremony with the pilgrims. The dancing by the deacons and the priests continue throughout the night and around while the pilgrims clap and ululate to the drum beat. At mid night, there will be a candle light ceremony to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Overnight: Hotel-Lalibela.

Day 12: January 8: Lalibela-Asheten Mariam-Ethiopian Christmas
In the morning, we will once more drive to Bete Mariam to witness the final ceremony of Ethiopian Christmas. On this day, as it has been going on centuries over centuries the priest will be lined up with their drums on the cliff edge of Bete Mariam, called Mame Garia and some more on the bottom representing the shepherds and the angels announcing the birth of Jesus. You can't help, but witness  a scene the same to this one has been going here on this day centuries over centuries in the same mannerr.

After having lunch and rest at the hotel, we will continue our journey into Ethiopia's long and marvelous history with a visit to other St. Lalibela's remarkable churches. The rock-hewn churches that we will visit this afternoon include: Bete Gebriel, Bete Merkorios Bete Amanuel, Bethlehem and Bete Aba Libanos. At the end of the tour, there will be a special Ethiopian traditional coffee ceremony for the group prepared at a local house. Overnight:  Hotel-Lalibela.

Day 13: January 9: Lalibela-Addis Ababa-Departure
After breakfast, transfer to Lalibela airport for the flight to Addis Ababa. The rest of the day city tour of Addis Ababa which include: the National Museum which houses Lucy, Ethnographic Museum and Merkato the largest open air market in Africa.
In the evening, there will be Grand Holidays' complimentary farewell dinner party with traditional special buffet and local drinks. At the end of the Farwell dinner, transfer to Addis Ababa airport for the flight back. End of tour!

Notice: This itinerary can be amended up on request      Book / Customize

Friday, 11 January 2013 10:02

Meskel and Historical tour

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Meskel (Finding of the true cross) with Historical journey

7 Days / 6 Nights Colorful annual religious festivals, unique celebration in Addis Ababa with Historical journey, 

Duration: 7 days and 6 nights
Package Title: Meskel  Festival at Addis and the main Historic routes
Tour code: My.T.T  0095
Transport: Surface

Day 01: Sep 26 - Arrive Addis Ababa on eve of Meskel 

Arrivals at Bole international Air port meet and Greet service will be  served  by Myseru tour managers and be transferred to your hotel for check in. Then participate on the Eve of Meskel( Finding the True cross) Religious festival and sightseeing of Addis Ababa. Overnight Hotel Addis Ababa.

Day 02: Sep 27 - In Addis (Meskal Day Procession)

Among Ethiopia's Coptic Christian traditions is the September Meskel Festival marking the finding of the true cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified. The festival is ancient; dating back 1,600 years and it is celebrated with yellow Meskel daisies placed on top of huge bonfires that are light in the evening in front of the throngs of celebrators.

Colorfully robed priests carrying silver Coptic crosses dance with their followers around the fires singing and chanting and carrying flaming torches. The flowering of the cross-shaped Meskel daisies also marks the end of the 3-month long rainy season and the return of the sun. Overnight Addis – Hotel 

Day 03: Sep 28 - Fly Addis  to  Bahir Dar 

To day morning fly from Addis to Bahir Dar to start exploring the main  Ethiopian historical routes . After 50 Minutes rrive at Bahir Dar Airport (BJR) .Meet My seru tour managers at the airport,   checking to your hotel and take  some rest rest .  Then boat excursion on Lake Tana to explore the ancient Monasteries on the astonishing islands of Lake Tana in the afternoon after lunch  drive some 35 kms to visit the Blue Nile falls. Overnight Hotel- Bahir Dar.

Day 04: Bahir Dar – Gondar

Today after breakfast drive from Bahir Dar to Gondar (187km asphalt road). On the way visit the hill top of Bezawit palace (roughly 5km after Gojjam – Gondar border Bridge). At this point, you are visiting the Palace of Emperor Haile Selassie I (entering & photographing the palace is prohibited), panoramic view of the town of Bahir Dar, the Source of the Blue Nile - leaving its source from Lake Tana. Again on the way; visit the Awramba/ Awra Amba Community & landscapes. 

After lunch break in Gondar, visit the Castles of emperor Fassiladas, his swimming pool, the empress Minitab’s Palace, the Banquet Room of Emperor Bakaffa… the 17century church of Debre Birhan Sillassie (Light of Trinity). Overnight Hotel Gondar.

Day 05:  Gondar – Lalibela

Early in the Morning transfer to Gondar airport to fly to Lalibela. Upon arrival you will met by Myseru Tour  and Travel’s professional representative, then be transferred to you hotel for check in. After some hours for relaxing and Breakfast start discovering the first group of the 8thy wonder of the World, 13th century Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela. After Lunch break continue visiting the 2nd and 3rd group of churches. Overnight Hotel - Lalibela.

Day 06:  Lalibela – Axum

Fly from Lalibela to Axum and visit the Cathedral Museum, a 2000 years old Mysterious Monolithic obelisk and ruins of Queen Palaces, Kalebs Tomb and Tsion Mariam Church the last resting place of the true Ark of the Covenant. Overnight Hotel- Axum

Day 07: Axum – Addis

Early in the Morning Transfer to Axum Airport (AXU) to fly back to Addis and have attractive city tour of Addis. Evening there will be farewell dinner at one of the best Ethiopian traditional Restaurant where you can experience the Ethiopian Ethnical dance and Organic food.  Transfer out service then departure.

14 days /12 Nights Meskel Festival and NORTHERN Historical circuit

Duration: 14 days and 13 nights
Package Title: Meskel  Festival at Addis with Historical route 
Tour code: My.T.T  0095
Transport: Surface and flight

Day01: Arrive to Addis. Overnight - hotel
Day02: City Tour of Addis Ababa & (Meskal Festival). Overnight hotel – Addis .
Day03: Drive to Dessie. Overnight – hotel
Day04: Drive to Lalibela. Overnight – hotel
Day05: Lalibela Churches. Overnight – hotel
Day06: Drive to Mekelle via Yimrahine Kristos cave Church. Overnight – hotel
Day07: Drive to Axum. Overnight – hotel
Day08: Axum Sites. Overnight – hotel
Day09:Drive to Semien Mountains National Park. Overnight – tented camp
Day10: Drive to Gondar. Overnight – hotel
Day11: Drive to Bahir Dar. Overnight – hotel
Day12: Blue Nile and monasteries on Lake Tana. Overnight – hotel
Day13: Drive to Addis Ababa. Overnight – hotel
Day14: departure

Notice: This itinerary can be amended up on request       Book / Customize

Friday, 11 January 2013 10:01

Ashenda and historical tour

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Ashenda / Ashendiye Cultural Festival At Mekele & Lasta Lalibela Every year BETWEEN 22 -24 August

Ashandye/ Ashenda, one of the great festivals which are unique for Lasta Lalibela and further North like Sekota and Tigray. It is known by Ashenda throughout Tigray, "Shadey" in Wag Hemra and by "Solel" in Raya Kobo.

It is an event most yearned by girls. Young girls dressed in beautiful traditional outfits and in small groups, go from house to house singing and dancing.  These lovely girls putting on their best apparel and personality celebrate the occasion continuously for three days.

The tours to Ashenda / Ashendye / Festival and historical rout range from a minimum of 3 days to a maximum of 12 Days. Sample program

4Days  and 3 Nights Ashenda at Mekele and surroundings 

Duration: 4 days and 3 nights
Tour Title: Ashenda festival at Mekelle  
Tour code: My.T.T  0090
Transport: flight

Day 01 (21stAugust): Arrivals at Bole international Air port Meet and Greet service will be offered by Myseru tour managers and be transferred to your hotel. City tour in Addis Ababa depends on the gust's arrival time, if the arrival time is in early hours there will city tour or it will be at the end of the tour. Overnight  – Hotel Addis Ababa.

Day 02, (22August): Fly Addis – Mekele. Attend the main celebration of the festival. Overnight -  Hotel – Mekele  Meals - Dinner 

Day 03, (23 August ): Drive  from Mekele  to remote area of Tigray to experience the country side  culture and people OF Tigray and the rock hewn churches of Tigray en route. Overnight -  Hotel – Mekele  Meals – Full Board (BLD)

Day04 (24 August): Today is the last day of the carnival but Ashenda is a unique beautiful Tigraian traditional festival where young ladies and girls enjoy Ashenda music and dance. The festival can last up to a week. Fly back to Addis Ababa in the afternoon and departure.

10 days and 9 night Ashenda  at  Tigray  and Historical route tours  From 15 August - 25 August 10 Days /9 Nights 

Tour code: My.T.T  0092
Package Title: Ashenda festival with Historical Routes  
Duration: 10 days and 9 nights
Transport: Surface and flight

Day 01: Fly Addis- Bahir Dar
Fly from Addis to Bahir  Dar , at  Bahir Dar Airport you will  met  our  professional representative , transfer  and  Check in to your hotel. Then start the magnificent Natural and historical tours in the Twon. Overnight Hotel – Bahir Dar.

Day 02: Bahir Dar  
After breakfast drive to the Blue Nile falls and walk to the Waterfall. In the afternoon Boat trip on Lake Tana to some of the Island Monasteries. Overnight stay in a hotel, Bahir Dar.

Day 03: Gondar  
Drive from Bahir Dar to Gondar. Afternoon start visit of the 17th c. Royal Castel Compound, the Bath of king Fasiledes, the church of Debre Birhan Selassie and many more attractions in Gondar. Overnight in a hotel at Gondar.

Day 04: Lalibela
Fly from Gondar to Lalibela. And visit the 1st and 2nd group of the 11 Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela. Overnight at reserved hotel in Lalibela.

Day 05: Lalibela 
Morning after early breakfast move for an excursion by mule to the church of Asheten-Mariam , Nakuto  and other around Lalibela Churches.in the afternoon visit of the 3rd  group of the rock  hewn Church. Overnight the same Hotel at Lalibela.

Day 06: Axum
Fly from Lalibela to Axum, the holiest sanctuary of Ethiopia. City  tour of Axum. Overnight stay in  hotel at Axum.

Day 07: Axum-  Mekele
Fly from Axum to Mekele  arrive at Mekele on the eve of  Ashenda celebration  then drive to Wukro to Visit the ancient rock hewn churches of Tigray in Wukro Cherkos; Negash mosque and experience  the classical eve ceremonies at Wukro and surroundings . Back to Mekele for overnight and Dinner.

Day 08: (22August) -  Mekele
Today is   the first day festival day, Ashenda,  a unique beautiful Tigraian traditional festival where young ladies and girls enjoy Ashenda music and dance.

Day 09: The next morning the festivity is so special and extraordinary continued and the tourist will be participate. O/n – Hotel – Mekele

Day 10: In the Afternoon fly from Mekele back to Addis and departure.

11 days and 10 nights Ashenda at Lalibela and Historical route tours  From 15 August - 25 August 11 Days / 10 Nights 

Tour code: My.T.T  0093
Package Title: Semien Mountains NP Trekking  
Duration: 11 days and 10 nights
Transport: Surface

Day 01:  August 14, Arrival at (ADD) Bole international airport
Arrival in Addis Ababa,  meet  tour manager of Myseru  ,then transfers to  your  hotel for check in, relax in the hotel if your arrival time is early hours   go out for city tour of Addis . Overnight Hotel Addis.

Day 02: August 15   Drive Addis Ababa – Bahir Dar.
Early morning drive from Addis to Bahir Dar along the way visit Debre Libanos Monastery, Blue Nile gorge, and Portuguese bridge. Late afternoon arrive at the Lake shore small city of Bahir Dar after check in to your hotel relax at the lakeshore. Overnight and Dinner Hotel - Bahir Dar.

Day 03: August 16, Bahir Dar
Today we explore the beautiful lakeshore city's ancient Island monasteries on the biggest lake Tana , Blue Nile Falls , Bezawit Palace and  its natural scenery of the surroundings. Overnight hotel Bahir Dar .

Day 04: August 17 Gondar
Morning after breakfast  drive Bahir Dar – Gondar en route experience typically in an Ethiopian African landscape about 170 kms over wide grazing land, hilly mountains with numerous farmlands. The rest of the day visit attractions in Gondar. The attractions that we visit in Gondar includes: Castles of Gondar- are included in the World Heritage List. the royal Fasiledes Bath and the Church of Debre Berhan Selassie with its unique murals.

Day 05: August 18, Gondar – Axum
Early departure to Axum through Ethiopia's most scenic highland range that Offers breathless panoramas of the Semien Mountains.
Overnight Hotel Axum .

Day 06: August 19, Axum
Visit Axum and proceed to Hawzen  overnight hotel.

Day 07: August 20 Mekele – Gerealta  Rock hewn Churches
Visit Gheralta cluster and proceed to Mekele for overnight stay; hotel at Mekele.

Day 08:  August 21 Mekle – Lalibela
Early departure to Lalibela  on the eve of the carnival and sightseeing of Lalibela. Overnight hotel  in Lalibela.

Day 09: August 22 Ashendye - Annual Carnival
Today is  Ashandye,   the great festivals which are unique for Lasta Lalibela . This great carnival takes place in August to mark the ending of the two weeks fasting period called 'Filseta' meaning 'to ascend'. The Name 'Filseta' is given to commemorate the assumption of the Virgin Mary or the ascending of st. Mary's Corpse. Oddly it is weeklong women's festival which runs from August 22 (Nehasie 16) Forwards. At the eve of the festival girls and young women go to a field collect tall grasses (Ashandye) accompanied by young boys.  On preparation the girls dress their traditional dresses (Tilf Kemis), plating their hairs beautifully and adorn themselves with attractive jewelry. They also make a kind of skirt from the grass they collect and wear it around their waist. Everyone can see those charming girls and young women of Lasta Lalibela getting excited with their smiley face since they wait the day eagerly as actors of the event every year. Overnight Hotel Lalibela

Day 10: Lalibela Rock hewn Churches
Explore the 8th wonder of the world's rock hewn church and other ancient Churches surrounding Lalibela.

Day11:  Morning transfer to Lalibela airport to fly back to Addis Ababa.

Notice: - This itinerary can be amended upon request!!!       Book / Customize