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8 Days / 7 Nights Adventure tour

Tour code: My.T.T  0012
Package Title: Adventure / Danakil/ Dallol Depression
Duration: 8 Days and 7 Nights   
Transport: Flight and Surface

Day 1:  Arrive at Bole International Airport, Addis Ababa.

On arrival in Addis Ababa you will be met by our representatives ( Myseru Tour and Travel  professional  Guide)  and be transferred to your Hotel.  Leisure  time in your hotel or sightseeing of Addis .  

Overnight and Dinner: Hotel in Addis.

Day 2: Fly from Addis (ADD)  to Mekele (MQX).

At Mekele airport you will met our representative with 4WD . Then drive from Mekele to Berhaile.  Berhaile is situated at an altitude of around 1,000m, unexpectedly large and attractive town, set in a valley below stark twin peaks.   After  four hours drive  through the beautiful town in amazing rock formation and the best place for picture of the Camel Caravan arrive  at  Berhaile , there is no formal accommodation  here but  we can arrange camp or  proceed to Hamed Ela  48 km east of Berhaile  along  rough caravan track  about 3 hrs drive .  It is really a pleasant and relaxed place.  

Overnight: Camping at Berhaile / Hamed Ela.

Day 3:   Hamed Ela – Dallon Volcano

Drive   from Berhaile to Hamed  Ela is 48 km east of Berhaile , is very rough and rocky  and the drive  takes  about 3 hours.  And enjoy by the usual springboard for visits to Dallol and Lake Asale .  It is worth to spend at least 2 nights here in Hamed  Ela  to give yourself   time to  visit the lowest point of the Danakil Village 

Overnight: Camping at Hamed Ela.

Day 4:  Drive from  Hamed Ela to Dallol Village .

After early morning   breakfast drive to further   north of Hamed Ela   along a rough but flat track for about 20 km.  To discover this Danakil Adventure.

The  Dallol volcano encompasses Dallol mountain (which rises 50-60m above the surrounding salt plains and has approximate dimensions of 1.5 x 3 km) and several other features in the vicinity, such as the 1926 crater near the "Black Mountain" about 1.5 km to the SW. Dallol mountain is thought to have been formed as the result of intrusion of a basaltic magma body underneath. The circular depression near the center of Dallol mountain is presumably a collapse crater, although neither its age nor the exact process from which it resulted are known. The SW flank of Dallol mountain  harbours impressive salt canyons formed by erosion processes.  The characteristic white, yellow and red colors are the result of sulphur and potassium salts colored by various ions. The terminology Dallol is often used to define an even larger area, which may cause confusion as to the location of mining operations in the area. Return back to Hamed Ela  via Lake Asale ,the shore of which lies about 13km from Dallol and 8km from Hamed Ela .

Overnight: Camping

 Day 5: Hamed Ela- Erta Ale

After early breakfast drive directly due to south towards Lake Afrera running roughly parallel to the Erta Ale range. After about 60km drive  the track brings you to a small village that lies almost directly due to west of the prominent peak of Ale Bugu and goes by several different names like, Gadala, Jelibahi…and late in the afternoon  ascend to  Erta Ale Volcano ( Accompanied by camels caravan to carry  equipments).

Overnight: Camping under the Stars of Erta-Ale .

Day 6: Back to Hamed –Ela 

After the last sunrise in the stunning Lava Lake, proceed from the top of Mount Erta Ale using the Camels again to departure where our cars are waiting .And keep continuing to  Berhaile or Hamed Ela for Over night.

Overnight: camping

 Day 7: Berhaile - Mekele

Drive from Berhaile to Mekele-the capital of Tigray region on the way visit the Afar village over the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley system to the western highland.

Overnight: Mekele in Hotel.

Day 8:  Fly Mekele – Addis 

Morning transfer to Mekele airport and fly back to Addis, be transferred from Bole Airport to your hotel and have good leisure time. Evening Departure. 

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9 Days / 8 Nights Adventure tour

Tour code: My.T.T  0013
Package Title: Erta Ale , Danakil depression , Dallol
Volcano, Salt lake Asale..           
Duration: 9 days and 8 nights
Transport: One way Flight and Surface

Day 1: Arrival in Addis Ababa /Bole International Airport 

On arrival Myseru Tour and travel professional tour Guide will meet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel.

Overnight stay in hotel Addis Ababa .

Day 2:Addis – Awash National Park  

Transfer from Addis Ababa to Awash, which is located in the central Rift Valley, 250 km from Addis Ababa, en route visit the Crater lakes of Debre-Zeit and the best place to get familiar with the area and people of Kereyu a step toward one of the most peaceful, calm and natural world;   Wtaer fall of Awash ,Late in the evening have safari in the Awash National Park.

Overnight  at Genet Hotel Awash .

Day 3: Drive Awash  to Semera

Drive East to Semera, the capital of the Afar region. On the way enjoy the beautiful Ethiopian Rift Valley landscape. At Semera collect permit paper to visit the region and pick up our local Afar guide and two armed rangers, who accompany us during the trip.

Overnight local hotel  Semera.

Day 4: Drive to Afdera /Afrera

We drive further to the east to Afdera. Here an old man who is important for our trip will join us. Overnight  camping.

Day 5: Drive to Erta Ale

Drive from Afdera to Dodom. At Dodom we hire mules to transport our luggage and camping gear. Then we start the 15 km walk to the crater of Erta Ale (613m above sea level). We arrive at Erta Ale around midnight and walk to see the spectacular, constantly erupting lava lake in the crater. We camp near the crater rim.

Day 6: Hamed Ela

Drive to Hamed ela along unmarked sandy tracks. Hamed ela is the base to explore the salt mines, watch the salt workers cut the salt and see camel caravans.

Overnight camping at Hamed Ela

Day 7: Excursion to Dallol

After early breakfast drive to the salt lake Asale to visit the salt workers and the merchants. Here you will      see   salt cutting, shaping and loading on the camel caravans. Proceed to Dallol and enjoy the spectacular view of the small hills, fumaroles and colorful hot springs. Ground water bubbles up leaving colorful minerals behind which form amazing structures on the rim of the hot springs.

Overnight Camping at Hamed Ela .

Day 8: Drive to Mekele

Drive from Berahile to Mekele - the capital of the Tigray region. On the way visit the Afar village, the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley System and the Western highland region.

Day 9: Fly to Addis Ababa, Departure

After breakfast fly to Addis Ababa. In the evening have a fare well dinner in an Ethiopian restaurant with dances from different ethnic groups. Afterwards transfer to the airport for departure

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10 Days / 9 Nights Adventure tour

Tour code: My.T.T  0014
Package Title: Afar, Danakil depression , Dallol ,Erta Ale
Duration: 10 days and 9 nights
Transport: Surface / 4WD

Day 1 - Arrival Addis

Up on arrival be met and Greet by Myseru Tour and Travel professional Guide at Bole international Airport. If the arrival time is in early hours, you will discover the attractive city tour of Addis and shopping.

Overnight Hotel in Addis Ababa

Day 02:  Drive Addis Ababa - Awash

Transfer from Addis Ababa to Awash, which is located in the central Rift Valley, 250 km from Addis Ababa, en route visit the Crater lakes of Debre-Zeit and the best place to get familiar with the area and people of Kereyu a step toward one of the most peaceful, calm and natural world; also will be fun to swim in natural thermal waters typical of the area.  Late in the evening have safari in the Awash National Park.  

Overnight  at Genet Hotel Awash .

Day 03:  Drive Awash -  Semera  

Transfer from Awash National Park the capital city of Afar, Semera, on the road you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. Wero to take our permission from the regional tourism office to continue the visit, then continue toward a little town called Logi for an overnight stay at a local hotel.

 Overnight Hotel Semera

Day 04:  Semera- Afdera 

Drive from Semera  to Afrera also spelled as  Afdera . Here we will take  Local guide and armed guard), important for the entire trip.

Overnight Local Hotel. 

Day 05: Afdera -  Dodem, 

Transfer from Afdera to Dodom.  Start walking from Dodom top wards the volcanic hills of Erta Ale  (613 m asl.) 15km away. Arrival time at Erta Ale would be around midnight. From here continue on foot to see the volcanic eruption, a colorful and unforgettable spectacle. Especially in the night will be extra ordinary to take pictures of the very colorful active volcano.

Overnight in camp under the stars of Erta Ale.

Day 06: Erta - Ale

Full day in the area of Erta Ale.

Overnight camping  

Day 07: Hamed  Ela  

This day we will return walking back to Dodom about (15 km) from Ert Ale, where we left our vehicles and drive to Hamed Ela .

Overnight incamp Hamed Ela. 

Day 08: Berhaile

Drive to Lake Asale, the salt lake, and visit men extracting salt. We proceed from the lake for 17 km and you reach in Dallol, here you will enjoy spectacular views over the small hill invaded by warm colors created by the incredible combination of sulfur, potassium and salt.

Return to Berhaile for Overnight camping. 

Day 09: Mekele

Transfer from Berhaile to Mekele, the capital city of Tigrai, on the way visit village of Afar people on the escarpment of the plateau west of the Great Rift Valley.

 Overnight Mekele Hotel. 

Day 10: Addis Ababa the Departure

Fly back to Addis Ababa. The rest of the day visit Addis Ababa.  Evening dinner in one of the greatest tradiotnal restaurant with  live  Ethiopian classic music and dance. Transfer to airport for departure.

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11 Days / 10 Nights Adventure tour
Day 01: Addis Ababa-Arrival

Arrive in Addis Ababa international Airport (ADD), Ethiopia. Upon arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, you will be welcomed and assisted by your professional guide and driver for the transfer to the reserved hotel. Leisure / Shopping or city tour , it depends on your Arrival time . 

Day 02:  Drive Addis Ababa – Desse

Early morning start driving to Desse   via Debre Birhan. En route  visiting the breath taking sceneries of Tarma Ber and Debre Sina.  Picnic lunch en-route. Overnight hotel in Desse . 

Day 03: Desse- Mekele

In the morning start driving to Mekele through the wonderful landscapes visiting en-route the Alamata Kobo chain   mountains and daily market of Kobo. After Check in to your hotel in Mekele , Sightseeng in Mekele and surroundings.

Overnight Mekele  in hotel.

Day 04 : Mekele – Hamed Ela


Moring after breakfast in the hotel drive to Berhaile  to obtain the permit to proceed towards Hamed  Ela and Dallol. After lunch drive continue to Hamed Ela.

Overnight camping at Hame  Ela. 

Day 05: Hamed Ela- Dallol – Hamed Ela 

Continue  driving to Lake Asale, from where you would explore the salt mines, lying some 30 minutes drive away from here.

Overnight Hamed  Ela 

Day 06: Hamed  Ela – Erta Ale

Drive from Hamed Ela via  Dallol to ascend to  Erta Ale. Overnight Camping on the top of Mount Erta Ale. 

Day 07: Erta Ale - Afrera

Descend Erta Ale and drive through Dodom to Afrera. Overnight Camping  at Afrera 

Day 08: Afrea – Logia

Drive through Serdo and Semera towards Logia for the overnight in a hotel with very basics only. 

Day 09:  Logia – Bilen

Drive  from Logia to Bilen . Overnight in the Bilen Lodge. 

Day 10: Bilen – Addis Ababa

Morning  drive to Addis and have leisure time. If departure is tomorrow morning you will have farewell dinner today  evening served by Myseru tour and travel at Ethiopian best traditional restaurant with classic Ethiopian Dance.

Day 11: City tour Addis- Departure

Late Morning  shopping and half day city tour in Addis .Evening farewell dinner will be served by Myseru Tour and Travel then transfer to Bole International Airport to transfer to fly back home.

price $ 1200/person


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12 Days and 11 Nights Adventure Tour

Tour code: My.T.T  0015
Package Title: Afar, Danakil depression, Dallol, Erta Ale & 
Rock hewn churches of Tigrai
Duration: 12 days and 11 nights
Transport: Surface / 4WD

Day 01: Addis Ababa-Arrival

Arrive in Addis Ababa international Airport (ADD), Ethiopia. Upon arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, you will be welcomed and assisted by your professional guide and driver for the transfer to the reserved hotel. Leisure / Shopping or city tour , it depends on your Arrival time .

Overnight Addis Ababa hotel

Day 02:  Drive Addis Ababa-Awash National Park

After breakfast, start driving south of Addis Ababa to Awash National Park 250km,  through the Great Rift Valley lakes, en route there are many attractions you will discover. In the afternoon, games drive around Awash Park and drive to Blien.

 Overnight stay at Buffet de La gare Awash.

Day 03: Drive Awash-Semera

Early morning have breakfast then drive to Semera , city of the Afar regional state. While driving from Awash to Afar you will visit different Afar villages and Afar tribe, life style and their unique culture. We will pick up permits to visit the sites and local guide at Semera. 

 Overnight Hotel in Semera.

Day 04: Semera-Lake Afdera/ Afrera ( 103 meters below sea level)

Today we will drive North East to Afrera and the  landscape keep on changing  dramatically as we continue driving North Easta and so does the climate. We will set our camp around Lake Afrera and will explore the salt extraction area and enjoy the stunning view of the desert with the sun set. 

 Overnight Camping at Lake Afdera/ Afrera 

Day 05: Afdera - Dodom (Kurseywad)-Erta Ale

After enjoying the lovely sunrise on Lake Afrera while having breakfast, we will drive to Kursuawd then to Erta Ale. 

Once we get at the base of the creator, we will take rest and pack for the trek to the Lava Lake on the Lava Fields.  At night, nothing prepares you for the amazing view that awaits down the creator where the fire comes out gushing the surface. It is simply impressive!

Overnight: Camping at Erta Ale.

Day 06: Erta Ale-Dodom – Hamed Ela

Early morning, trek back down to the Kursuad camp site, before it starts to be too hot. Up on arrival at the camp, we will have breakfast and get ready for the drive downhill and on the sand and salt fields.  In the evening, we will walk for a few minute following the camel caravan carrying salt bars from the depression to the highland.

Overnight: camping at Hamed Ela.

Day 07: Hamed  Ela - Dallol-HamedEla

Full day exploration of  the Dallol area, including the salt extraction area and the sulfur field, and other mineral fields.  After visiting the springs, drive back to campsite at Hamed  Ela.  O/N: Camping at Hamed Ela.

Day 08: Hamed Ela– Berahile – Hawzien

Today we will leave the Danakil depression, drive for about  48 km south west to reach Berahile. While driving from Berhale to Hauzien, you will see the landscape changing gradually from a desert and salt field to rocky mountain chains. On this route, you will have the chance to visit some of the rock-hewn churches of Tigray.

Overnight: Gheralta Lodge-Hawzien.

Day 09: Hawzien- Mekele

In the morning, walk around the lodge enjoy the stunning view with the morning sun and spot different species of beautiful birds. You can also visit a Tigre Village near the lodge.  Later on we will also visit some more of the rock hewn churches  from the Teka Tesfai cluster in this area. 

 Overnight in Hotel-Mekele.

Day 10: Mekele-Kombolcha

In the morning, we start driving from Mekele to Kombolcha. On the way you will still see some camel caravans and we will also stop at different places for short visit. 

Overnight: Sunny side hotel in Kombolcha

Day 11: Kembolcha - Addis Ababa - Departure

In the morning, drive to Addis Ababa, from Kombolcha, through Kemise, Ataye, Shewarobit and Debresina. At Kemise we will have the chance to see multi-tribal local market.   Arrival Addis and transfer to your hotel , take rest and dinner .

Overnight Hotel in Addis . 

Day 12 :

Late Morning  shopping and half day city tour in Addis .Evening farewell dinner will be served by Myseru Tour and Travel .Then transfer to Bole International Airport to transfer to fly back home.

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