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Victory of Adwa

Adwa – is a small town located in the north tip of the country, 24 kilometers of south of Axum.

Its geographical location has led Adwa's greatest importance, being the site of the final battle of the First Italo–Ethiopian War, where Emperor Menelik II fought to defend Ethiopia's independence against Italy in 1896. Menelik led the Ethiopian Army to a decisive victory against the Italians, which ensured an independent Ethiopia until the Italians invaded again in 1935 (Second Italo-Ethiopian War). Ras  Mekonnen (father of the Emperor Haile Selassie) was one of the best warrior leaders in the battle.

 Therefore, Ethiopia is the fountainhead of the black race in the world and the victory of Ethiopia celebrated very colorful way on March 05 in the capital city and other principal cities of the country.

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