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Ethiopian Tribes Annual Festival

December 8 Ethiopia's Nations’, Nationalities’ and People’s day, would be marked colorfully in Addis. Addis has made the necessary preparations to colorfully celebrate the day at Meskel Square with various events. Ethiopia is country of no less than 80 nations, nationalities and peoples. Much as these Nations, Nationalities and Peoples have their own distinct culture, history, language and way of life, will show their traditional cu lture, music, food, arts and dress at the event.  Meskel   Square is one of the noted squares in the city and is the site for the annual Meskel and other festivals. December 8 starting from 07:00 am thousands will gather in celebration of the constitution and Ethiopia's Nations’,Nationalities’ & People’s day.
The main tribal dance event is the part of the festival. Mursi tribe girls and women wear lip plates in their lower lips similar to some Amazon tribes such as the Suya tribe fr om the Xingu River area in Brazil are part of this festival. The Mursi girls pierce the bottom lips which are stretched so that a clay lip plate can be inserted are in Addis for the festival.
This festival highlights the age-old tradition and culture of Ethiopian forefathers. Ethiopian people and tribes have a rich heritage to show to the people. So, they will be at the Meskel sq. to participate in the festival.

On December 8, you don't have to go out of Addis to visit more than 45 of the isolated Omo Valley tribes.