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Bouri Formation

The Bouri Formation is an area in the Middle Awash Valley, in Ethiopia that has provided a rich source of Australopithecines and Homo fossils, artifacts and bones of large mammal with cut marks from butchery. It is part of the Afar Depression that has created other rich human fossil sites such as Gona and Hadar.

bouri formation

It consists of three geological units called members in which fossils and artifacts from different periods of human evolution have been excavated. The lowest Hatayae member (2.5 mya) in which Australopithecus garhi fossils have been found, the Dakanihylo member (1 mya) and Homo erectus, and the Herto member lower (260 ka) and upper layers (160 to 154 ka) and Homo sapiens idaltu.

Human remains from the Upper Herto layers have been found with signs of having been changed after death by mortuary practices.