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Ethiopian landscape Scenery

Ethiopia, a land of astonishing natural beauty offering all sort of landscapes scenery ranging from semi desert steppe to afro-alpine highlands .

Mount Yerar and its Monuments:

Mt. Yerar, found 12 kms north of Bishoftu.. The forest covering outskirt of the mountain and its natural beauty offer a pleasurable hiking opportunity to the energetic. The peculiar attraction offer of the mountain also involves the pleasant atmosphere of the high altitude forest habitat which is good for camping and for trekking on foot or on horse back.

The Arsi Zone

Arsi Zone is dominated by highland   plateaux which cover 78% of its 23060 sq.kms area. Mountain chains of Kaka, Chilalo, Arbagugu and Aluto are among the major peaks. Arsi high lands extend from the heights of Arsi massifs in the southeast to the escarpment edge of the Rift Valley depression in the northwest. The scenic beauty and others made the plateaux the significant tourist destination that could be used for trekking, sightseeing, and safari hunting.

The route from Adaba to Dinsho (West Arsi) through the scenery is spectacular, with a large view of mountains, gorges, valley and the jagged outcrops (like Sebsibe Washa) with in the mountains. On the way one can enjoy also the dramatic view of valleys and plains to the north where even Malka Wakana Dam can be seen from distance.

Dodola – Adaba Forest Dewllers:

As one approaches to the town of Dodola, the first sight of Bale Mountain chain comes to view. Overlooking the low lying towns of Adaba and Dodola, this mountain chain can be mentioned as a good example to reason out that trekking is one of the main purposes for visiting Bale Mountains. Trekking in the hills jungle above Adaba and Dodola  is probably the best organized Community Based Eco-Tourism .