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Oromo Tribe

The Oromo are the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia both in terms of population and land area in the country. It is used to have its own traditional and democratic system of self governance known as “Gada System”.

The National Regional State of Oromia is one of the nine Federal states of the Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. It is located in the very heart of the country and its boundary touches all the regional state except Tigray. It also has a common border with Kenya and the Sudan.

As nature extravagantly endowed with diverse agro-ecological zone the Region has a dominant position the country’s Economy. Blessed with an abundance of cultural and natural assists Oromia is a great tourist destination in the country offering diverse tourist products for visitors.

One has to make a spectacular journey to these majestic of natural beauties and wonders of land, the multifarious colorful culture and the history of the Oromo people, their wisdom and tolerance, range of endemic floras and faunas and make an unforgettable discovery of life time,

It is the most widely spoken Cushitic languages of Ethiopia and a third widely spoken language on Africa. Although, this language is relatively well researched and widely spoken, it is deprived of development as a language in the recent past. However, since 1991 its development is being flourished in all its aspects of language use.

The adopted Latin script named Qubee which nearly is phonetic helped the fast development scored in the past few years. Since then, various written books on oral literature, grammar, dictionary as well as journals were among the many published and distributed.



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